Environ Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac Lotion (200ml)


Derma-Lac® Lotion is energizing, intensive moisturizing lotion, containing a special combination of alpha-hydroxy acids, urea and glycerin, all scientifically proven to help soften and smooth the appearance of even the rough, driest and acne-prone skin.

Key Benefits

  • Softens rough, calloused skin
  • Energizes dull skin, giving it a visibly improved and more radiant appearance
  • Speeds up skin renewal, leaving it looking smooth and refreshed

Key Ingredients

  • Ammonium Lactate
  • Urea
  • Glycerin
  • Lactic Acid

Skin Type

All skin types

How to Use

After a bath or shower, mix this lotion with Body Oil and gently massage into slightly moist skin until absorbed, morning and evening. Brief tingling of the skin may be experienced.